Funeral Details


The Funeral will be held at Rosslyn Hill Chapel.

on Tuesday 15th April

At 12:00pm

Rosslyn Hill Chapel
3 Pilgrim’s Place
London NW3 1NG

Directions: The Chapel’s main entrance is off Rosslyn Hill itself, next to the Rosslyn Arms pub. The nearest train stations are Hampstead, Belsize Park (Northern line), and Hampstead Heath (London Overground). The 46 and 268 buses stop close by.

Details of the Reception will follow shortly.

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3 thoughts on “Funeral Details”

  1. Judy was a dear loving supportive and wonderful personal friend for over 35 years, and also a pillar of the community. To my daughter, and probably to many others, she was “like a fairy godmother”. I shall miss her unique style, humour, gentleness, strength, advice, companionship, wisdom, insight and joyfulness so much, but feel lucky to have known her. I hope that in the course of time some more photos, and maybe some of her poems (?) might appear on this site so that we might feel uplifted by memories of the harmony she created and how she was always there for people.

  2. Joyce Petschek
    April 8, 2014
    The loss of Judy is being felt deeply by so many of us who cherished her spirit & spirituality, generosity & gentleness, constant kindness & care that she offered to all. A loving and devoted personal friend for more than 35 years, I cherish the memories of the many times spent together and the privilege of having known her. We shared so many experiences, so often both sacred and spiritual, and now with deep respect my heart surrounds Judy with an abundance of love and light on her present journey. Blessings.

  3. Judy , hello friendly smiling neighbor with fine Bella , pink house, roses, spiritual, passionate, flamboyant, artistic, deep laugh, curious, writer, adventurer, your work is needed beyond the veil.

    may your free spirit be surrounded by love , peace and roses.

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