Cause of death

We have now been informed by the coroner of the precise cause of Judy’s sudden death. It has been described as being the result of a severe blockage and twisted bowel of the intestinal region. 
1  (a) Acute Intestinal obstruction
(b) Volvulus of small bowel with remitting small bowel infarction
 This rare condition which generally effects the very young and elderly is notoriously difficult to diagnose. 
Judy certainly had no idea that her condition was so serious and therefore suffered no fear in her final hours. She was under the impression she had food poisoning or a stomach bug that would pass over within a few days. She died peacefully at home in the early hours of Wednesday 26th March, 2014.

One thought on “Cause of death”

  1. I first my my dear vajra sister Judy in Lhasa on the Mount Kailash pilgrimage with Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche in 1988. I was in awe of her ability to organise such a large group on such a precarious and ever changing endeavour – adapting to drastic circumstances being the order of the day. The fact that most of us completed the sacred kora of Mt Kailash as well as visiting other scared sites was in large part due to her determination, adaptability, good humour and fearlessness.

    It was the beginning of a good friendship and over the years we visited each other in our respective homes, worked on the first Dzogchen Journal together and both fell in love with Kunselling. from the very beginning. Certain memories stand out for me: Judy on horse back in big furry hat setting off from the shores of Lake Manasarovar to discover the ‘White Palace of the Garuda’ with Rinpoche, Brian and a few others; During the Pembrokeshire endless rain and mud retreat, Judy and I hanging off the roof struts of the sauna yurt with nothing on (it being the only way to get up into the heat!) and laughing hysterically at the ridiculousness of the whole situation; In two weeks silent retreat together at Kunselling doing our own thing but coming together early evening to practice Goma Devi and dance followed by an hilarious evening of non-verbal communication -it;s amazing how much can be expressed with gesture, giggles, grunts and sign language – and the occassional scribbled note.

    I was overjoyed when Judy came down to stay with me last summer. We had a seamless time together and vowed to repeat it soon, and I did stay with her in London in January and was struck by how wholly well she seemed in every way -healthy, happy, purposeful and emotionally strong. if a little tired -better than I had ever known her. I could not take the shocking news of her death in to begin with, I should have been staying with her the following week-end and probably attending the Mindfulness course she had organised for Shang Shung. Now, I can only think that although it was far from complete for those of us left behind, for Judy this earth walk was complete and being so she made a swift and fearless transition. I don’t doubt that she has been well supported in that by her great devotion and commitment to the dharma and journeys well.

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