Bella Fund

We are looking for 10 people to become Bella’s Guardians.

To become a guardian you can use the Standing order form below to make contributions of *£10.00 per month towards her care. (*or what you can afford).


For this you will receive twice yearly updates on her progress, doggy Christmas cards and the opportunity to take her for walks in Devon or when she comes to London for visits.

Thank you so much for helping us look after Bella.

icon_pdfBella Fund STANDING ORDER

Those of you who knew and loved Judy know how much she adored Bella, her Pharaoh Hound friend and companion, and will be aware that Judy would have wished that Bella found a loving new home.

Unfortunately with Judy’s unexpected passing there was no provisions made for Bella’s upkeep, which have been worked out to be around £100 per month, including insurance, food, and pet care.

As many of you will also know, Bella has a nervous and sensitive disposition and we felt that she would not have survived the transition back to her breeder’s kennels.  Knowing how much Judy loved Bella, Marie felt strongly that Bella needed to stay in the family, and be cared for as Judy would have wished.

Marie is lucky to have good friends who are experienced dog handlers who have helped to settle Bella into her new home in Devon.

To assist Marie (semi-retired) with this unexpected financial responsibility we are seeking help to pay for Bella’s upkeep. We are inviting people to support Bella’s future by making a donation, perhaps instead of bringing flowers to her funeral.

Judy’s family believe that this is what she would have wanted for Bella.

Thank you very much.

13 thoughts on “Bella Fund”

    1. I would like to donate but the button’s not working. Can we have bank details to set up direct debits please. Brian

      1. Thank you Brian – I am only just now feeling able to respond to these kind and generous gestures.

        With love

    2. Thank you Barry – that would be most appreciated. Sorry not to have acknowledged your note but like everyone else around Judy its been hard going to take her death in.

      With love

  1. I will donate at the funeral. And hopefully take Bella walkies with Marie when Chris and I are in Devon over Easter.

    1. Thanks Mary, it will be lovely to meet up here in Devon and take Bella and Honey for walks. Any contribution will be gratefully received – as you can imagine, like others, I was expecting Judy and Bella to grow old together.


  2. Thank you so much. The donate button is currently only working on the left had column at the top of this website. The bug will be fixed ASAP. Also a Bank details will be posted shortly.

  3. Thank you, Maria & the family for taking care of Bella, we all know how grateful Judy would be for this. As the PayPal connection is not working, my donation will be offered to you at the funeral. Should you have need of help in the future, please always let me know.

    With love & appreciation,
    Joyce Petschek

    1. Hello Joyce

      Thank you for the offer of a contribution to Bella’s welfare. She is settling in well here in Devon but always pricks her ears and wags her tail when she hears Judy’s name mentioned. She seems to be coping with the change better than we expected – but we have had expert help to assist her in the transition.


    1. Hello Peter,

      Of course you are welcome to visit Bella and me in Devon – it would be a pleasure after such a long time.

      With love

  4. It was such a shock to hear of Judy’s death, far too soon, and she was so so alive! We were emailing only a few weeks ago, looking forward to the next time we’d meet. I was hoping to practice Chod and Green Tara with her again soon.
    Because of her strength, direct communication and friendship I continue to feel a part of the community and I will be eternally grateful for that. A wonderfully courageous and dynamic woman with an adventurous spirit, Judy demonstrated commitment in so many ways.
    It is interesting how we often don’t notice the impression which someone has on our lives until they are gone, when it is brought into such sharp focus. I considered Judy a valued and trusted friend and vajra sister since meeting her first with Brian in 1994. She was a great leader and demonstrated to the UK community how much could be achieved with her vision and perseverance.
    It has been a great privilege to know Judy for the past 20 years, and having known her makes me want to be a better human being.

  5. You are in our thoughts and prayers, dear friend.
    How well you served and befriended Dharma communities.
    How efficiently you organized the Shangshung lectures.
    How effective you were as secretary to the all-party Tibet parliamentary group,
    Moving with style and ease through the Palace of Westminster.
    Thank you for rambling with us in the Perthshire hills.
    Thank you for this stark reminder of impermanence,
    Making every second count.

    Gyurme Dorje and family

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